Wide Mouth All-angle sprayer

Wide Mouth All-angle sprayer

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  • Sprays at any angle!

  • Chemically resistant

  • Fully adjustable sprayer

  • Wide mouth for easy fill

  • Proud supporter of workers with disabilities

  • BPA free

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Have you ever been burned by a do-it-yourself spray bottle? You know how it goes: you get excited to complete a household project that’s been put off forever and reach for the DIY spray bottle you thought had carpet cleaner in it. Then watch as your beige rug turns white because it wasn’t a clear spray bottle with an accurate label to let you know you had accidentally grabbed a bleach solution instead?

Well, fear not. Bottle Crew has your back. Its Heavy-Duty Wide Mouth Spray Bottle is a clear, industrial sprayer that enables you to visibly label the solution that’s inside using a permanent marker. This infinitely adjustable, refillable spray bottle holds 32 fluid ounces (960 ml) and has a wide mouth, perfect for an easy pour of your favorite household cleaners.

Its extended, 3-finger grip allows for comfortable spraying, helping to mitigate hand fatigue during longer projects, and because the DIY spray bottle is clear, you can tell when the product inside is running out. Our industrial spray bottle comes with colorful blue, pink or green nozzles, all with an infinitely adjustable sprayer. Use as a fine mist, or if you prefer a spray or a stream.

And what about those tall ceilings with water-leak marks, or other hard-to-reach places for spray bottles, such as underneath the dash of your car? Those looking for the best spray bottle should consider that Bottle Crew’s thoughtful solutions have already risen to the challenge. With a unique ball bearing system, this water and chemical spray bottle can spray from any angle – even upside down!

Because it has a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, our professional spray bottle can be used at home, at the office, in gardens, at daycares, office buildings, restaurants, carwashes, etc. Its rugged construction includes a protected piston so you can hang the spray bottle wherever is convenient. Long-lasting? You bet. This heavy-duty sprayer will be by your side for literally tens-of-thousands of discharges.

Each large spray bottle contains a measurement scale on the side for accurate solution mixing, as well as boxes to check in order to clearly indicate what’s inside. Bottle Crew’s Heavy-Duty Wide Mouth Spray Bottle uses PETE 1 plastic, which is the most recyclable plastic in the country, and is able to hold many types of liquids, including water, disinfectant, bleach solutions and concentrated cleaners sold in stores.

So, go ahead and tackle that long-forgotten project! With its wide mouth, clear plastic, multiple-angle spraying and easy, on-the-go labeling, the Bottle Crew Heavy-Duty Wide Mouth Spray Bottle will help you get the job done.