SoakShield Rope

SoakShield Rope

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The industry's first and only absorbent braided rope! Used for absorbing water running down behind the dash of a vehicle to help protect the electronics and other parts.

Available in the 3-piece Installer Kit, Mini, Original, and XL.

Available in the following color combinations (If you have a preference, please specify which colors you would like in the notes section of your order):

Mini: Orange/yellow/white, Purple/gray/white, Pink/gray/white

OG: Orange/yellow/black, Red/white/blue, Pink/white/black, Purple/white/black

XL: Orange/yellow/gray, Purple/black/gray, Pink/black/gray

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As simple as 1, 2, 3.
1: Install SoakShield at the bottom of the windshield between the glass and the dashboard. 
2: Install the film as normal.
3: Carefully pull SoakShield rope from one end of dash to the other. 
It's as easy as that, you can worry less about water running down and causing harm to the electronics behind the dash.

Tinting a Windshield???
Better have a #soakshield