Fusion Turbo Squeegee

Fusion Turbo Squeegee

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The Fusion Turbo Pro is a line of injection molded squeegees infused with three slip agents that help the tool slide across surfaces easier. They are currently available in the following colors, complete with a 3/4" handle for easy gripping.

**Pink** *(softest) 77 Durometer*. Ideal for PPF and cleaning

**Green** *80 Durometer.* Ideal for PPF and window films with softer hard coatings.

**Black** *82 Durometer.* Ideal for PPF and window films that have softer hard coatings.

**Yellow** *85 durometer.* Ideal for applying vinyl and gives a little more pressure where necessary.

**Orange** *92 Durometer.* Ideal for most vinyl and window film applications (same hardness as the Fusion Orange Crush Squeegee Blade).

**Red** *(hardest) 95 Durometer.* Ideal for applying thick vinyl and window film.

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