Automotive Window Tint Starter Kit

Automotive Window Tint Starter Kit

from 145.00

Just starting out and need to get some basic tools? Look no further!

Pick you poison, you can choose from the Basic which comes complete with everything you need to tint door windows or the Basic+ which comes with everything the Basic does plus back glass tools. The kits are assembled as follows:


  • Ergodyne 13 Pocket Waist Apron

  • NT Pro-A1 (Red Dot) Knife

  • NT Stainless Steel Snap Blades

  • 5” Short Fusion Handle

  • 5” Cropped Blue Max

  • Tri-Edge X, Blue

  • Gator Blade I, Red

  • The Shank

  • Porter Cable Heat Gun

  • Wide Mouth All-Angle Spray Bottle

  • Lil Chizler, Pink

  • 16 oz. Fusion All Type


  • Everything in the Basic kit

  • Mactac Felt Squeegee

  • Bulldozer I (Auto)

  • Side Swiper, Complete

  • 3.5” Yellow Fusion Turbo Squeegee, No Handle

  • Poly II Sprayer

  • Tail Fin, Green

  • The Scrubber

  • The Slim Foot

  • Folding Safety Scraper

  • American Line Single Edge Razor Blades

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