Downloadable Resources

The following is a group of resources that we could use in the window tint industry.
Check back often as we will be adding to the list.

Feel Free To Download And Use Anything On This Page.

New Doc

What To Expect From Your Tint Job

This is a sheet that makes delivering a tint job to the customer easy.
We recommend going over the sheet with the customer and then giving a copy to the customer to take with them. This greatly reduces the phone calls with questions such as water blisters ect.

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Collection of Memes

We have been collecting memes for a while.
There are all different types here from just plain funny to Holiday specific. Feel free to browse, download, and use anything that you might find useful here.
Also feel free to share this page with your friends that also tint for a living.

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Durometer Chart

A graph of Shore A durometer ratings for (almost) all of the squeegees we carry compared to household items for reference.