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The Reach


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The Reach


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8 reviews for The Reach

  1. Howard Nitz (verified owner)

    Great for sweeping the bottom of a back window or windshield

  2. Demetrio Gonzalez (verified owner)

  3. Charles Culp (verified owner)

    Outstanding as always!

  4. Steven W. (verified owner)

    Great tool with unique design. Nice tool to keep in the bag. You never know when you need it, but it’s almost as if no other tool would of done the job when you do.

  5. Shawn W. (verified owner)

  6. Matt (verified owner)

  7. Brendan S. (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

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THE REACH is made with a special formulated plastic and rubber in order to achieve the necessary stiffness and durability of its four edges.  This tool is 16 ¾” in length, and built with a double rubber blade on each side.  One side of the tool provides an excellent grip, while the other side uses both edges to squeegee the water out; one pushes the water and the other drags the water.  This tool is completely adaptable with two different radiuses of curvature at each side; in other words, one side is stiffer than the other.