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200 Mesh Filter


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200 Mesh Filter


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  • These strainers are designed to protect spray nozzle orifices from clogging or damage. They are to be inserted in the nozzle body right behind the spray nozzle and cap. This TeeJet Strainer has a polypropylene body and cap, and a 200 mesh stainless steel screen.
  • These will fit both the plastic or brass sprayer body.

16 reviews for 200 Mesh Filter

  1. Eric Jean (verified owner)

  2. Jeff Allen (verified owner)

    Our first time using the 200. We previously used the 100 filter.

  3. James (verified owner)

  4. Stephanie Liles (verified owner)

    These guys are GREAT! Had a little issue with the sprayer nozzle, emailed them to which they immediately replied! Sent a new one in the mail the next day before I even shipped the original back! Excellent customer service and great products! Happy to use them in the future!!

  5. Brian Felts (verified owner)

  6. Daniel Reyna (verified owner)

  7. Jose (verified owner)

  8. Matthew B. (verified owner)

  9. Scott (verified owner)

    Helps me be more confident knowing I’m doing the best I can to keep small particals out of the water.

  10. Kyle Patterson (verified owner)

    Better filter then the one it comes with definitely worth getting

  11. Jay P. (verified owner)

  12. Jose Tamayo (verified owner)

  13. Enza Postiglione (verified owner)

  14. Tim N. (verified owner)

  15. Louis V. (verified owner)

  16. Tina Trout (verified owner)

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