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Sentinel Plus Silver 20 OSW

Sentinel Plus Silver 20 OSW
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Sentinel Plus is Solar Gard’s range of exterior window films – which provide maximum heat rejection by being the first line of defense against solar heat and glare. The Sentinel Plus range includes Stainless Steel, Silver, Clear, and SX.

Key Benefits

  • Filming the exterior maximizes heat rejection with up to 82% Total Solar Energy Rejected
  • Provides a refreshed and uniform look to dated buildings
  • Maximum heat rejection also means maximum saving on air conditioning costs
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays



Specification Sentinel Plus Silver 20 Sentinel Plus Silver 35
Visible light transmittance % 16% 33%
Visible light reflectance (exterior) % 61% 41%
Visible light reflectance (interior) % 56% 36%
Solar heat gain coefficient .18 .33
Total solar energy rejected % 82% 67%
UV Tdw-ISO @ 300 to 700 nm % 13% 26%
UV light blocked (300 to 380 nm) % >99% >99%
Fade Reduction % 84% 68%
Roll Size

36"x100', 36"x25', 36"x50', 36"x75', 48"x100', 48"x25', 48"x50', 48"x75', 60"x100', 60"x25', 60"x50', 60"x75', 72"x100', 72"x25', 72"x50', 72"x75'