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Gator Blade I

Gator Blade I
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24 reviews for Gator Blade I

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GATOR BLADE 1 features arched blades on opposite ends.  This blade design allows more scraping pressure for around rear defrosters and for adhesive removal on surfaces where metallic razor blades would scratch surfaces, such as stainless steel and painted surfaces. 

The GATOR BLADE 1 contours to the shape of auto glass so that it efficiently removes debris & old adhesive. It also aids in pushing down fingers and removing creases.  Because Gator Blades are much less likely to cut expensive upholstery, scratch the soft surface of auto glass or make you bleed, they  are a fantastic replacement for the hazardous metallic razor blades used by Tinters and Detailers 


Try them out anywhere you would normally use a Chizler or a Plastic Razor Blade. From scraping glue, installing/tucking film or even ice removal and cleaning your Teflon® pans! The sky is the limit with this tool!

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