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Dip Tube Cleaning Brush


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Dip Tube Cleaning Brush


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Need to clean the dip tube(s) on your keg? No problem! This brush can reach the inside of you dip tube to remove any built up gunk that you wouldn’t want coming out in your water.

7 reviews for Dip Tube Cleaning Brush

  1. Darren Cook (verified owner)

  2. Theo (verified owner)

    This should be cleaned out every now and then

  3. Shawn W. (verified owner)

  4. Juan P. (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. John P. (verified owner)

  7. paul st pierre (verified owner)

    if you are a 5 gallon tank user this is a must have. Clean the dip tube inside your tank once a month to ensure a clean water supply

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