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Computer Cut

From: $150.00 / month and a $250.00 sign-up fee

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Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Interested in increased business volume, quicker job completion, efficient inventory control and entering other revenue generating business ventures? It’s all possible with ComputerCut – an internet based film cutting system that allows dealers to download patterns directly to a plotter and cut them on demand! Many types of businesses can benefit from ComputerCut integrated business system.

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ComputerCut Software Features


Save Custom Patterns

ComputerCut provides you with the ability to customize patterns according to your individual installation preferences.


Hundreds of Paint Protection Patterns

An extensive up-to-date vehicle library providing coverage for the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle providing you an endless list of protection packages to offer your customer.


Fast and Efficient Training

ComputerCut will reduce the learning curve associated with new employee training by eliminating the most difficult aspect of window tinting; the precise cutting of patterns.


Window Film Planner

ComputerCut offers unique and industry first software that automatically arranges the patterns in the most optimal fashion and tracks the amount of film being used.


Inventory Control

ComputerCut provides the business owner control of their inventory by tracking film usage based on cut patterns and preventing unauthorized cut access.

And more!  Take the next step in increasing your business revenue with ComputerCut!