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ByDesign Modern Glacier Matte

ByDesign Modern Glacier Matte

SolarGard’s Modern Glacier Matte window film offers an exceptional blend of style and privacy, allowing you to create a serene sanctuary in your home. With its elegant frosted appearance, this high-quality decorative film lets in abundant natural light while shielding your interiors from prying eyes.

Designed specifically for residential applications, the Modern Glacier Matte film is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and any space where privacy is paramount. If you are seeking both privacy and style for your home, SolarGard’s Modern Glacier Matte window film is the ideal solution. Create a tranquil and intimate atmosphere while enjoying the benefits of natural light and improved energy efficiency.


Specification Modern Dusted Crystal O2 Modern Milk Glass Modern Glacier Gray Modern Glacier Matte Modern Misty Frost
 % Visible light transmittance 85% 35% 50% 52% 73%
% Visible light reflectance (glass side) 9% 43% 33% 29% 17%
% Visible light reflectance (film side) 9% 52% 36% 28% 18%
Solar heat gain coefficient .79 .44 .54 .60 .72
% Glare reduction 4% 60% 44% 42% 18%
Privacy factor (scale 1-5) 5 5 5 5 2
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