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ByDesign Black Opaque


ByDesign Black Opaque
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Introducing Solar Gard’s Black Opaque Film – the ultimate solution for privacy and style. This high-quality window film offers a solid, non-transparent appearance, ensuring complete privacy from both sides of the glass. Perfect for conference rooms, bathrooms, and any space where confidentiality matters, this film creates a secluded atmosphere while adding a touch of elegance to your windows.


Specification Clear Frost White Opaque Black Opaque
 % Visible light transmittance 85% 35% 50%
% Visible light reflectance (glass side) 9% 43% 33%
% Visible light reflectance (film side) 9% 52% 36%
Solar heat gain coefficient .79 .44 .54
% Glare reduction 4% 60% 44%
Privacy factor (scale 1-5) 5 5 5