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3 Gallon Tint Keg


3 Gallon Tint Keg
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The Tint Keg is a fully customizable pressurized sprayer for all of your water spraying needs! The Tint Keg is brand new stainless steel Cornelius keg and comes with your choice of wrap, hose length, and sprayer nozzle. We are also able to provide custom Tint Keg wraps, complete with your business logos and colors, by request.

The 3 gallon Tint Keg that is perfect for many applications!

If you are a window tinter that is constantly on the move or works in a lower-volume setting, the 3 gallon Tint Keg is the perfect fit for your needs! Save valuable time by only filling up once. Each 3 gallon Tint Keg will hold enough solution to tint approximately 10 full cars.

The Tint Keg is a fully customizable pressurized sprayer for all of your water spraying needs! The Keg is brand new stainless steel and comes with your choice of filter, hose length, and sprayer nozzle. Get yours today!

20 reviews for 3 Gallon Tint Keg

  1. randy T. (verified owner)

    Love this tint keg! Should’ve bought one years ago

  2. jason stafford (verified owner)

    Is the best purchase you will ever make

  3. Darren Cook (verified owner)

  4. Adam Nelson (verified owner)

    WOW! I’m so glad I chose Sun Distributing for the original Tint Keg and not a knock-off. They have delivered! It is extremely solid and exceptionally well built. This thing works wonders. Thank you!

  5. Rivelino Pineda (verified owner)

  6. Douglas Lane (verified owner)

    I wish I would have bought one a long time go. You can’t beat Sun Distributing’s customer service or build quality. Every aspect of my keg, from the hose, filter and fittings, to the custom wrap, this thing is just top notch. If you are on the fence about getting one, just do it, you won’t regret it.

  7. Jose (verified owner)

    Best sprayer I’ve had in my 6 years as a window tinter! Don’t know why I never got one of these a lot sooner!

  8. Brian K. (verified owner)

    Exceeded my expectations!

  9. Brayden H. (verified owner)

  10. Matthew Kremer (verified owner)

    This 3gal keg is awesome! Everything I’ve purchased has been excellent quality! Some of the best customer service at Sun Distributing as always!

  11. Jason S. (verified owner)

    1000% recommend getting one, i used to use a spray bottle and pump sprayer before this and they can’t compete and i will never ever go back to those , this thing works and looks amazing !!

  12. Luis Caballero (verified owner)

    Awesome keg and design!

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. nelson v. (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Brian Morrison (verified owner)

    Purchasing was very easy and simple.. I also received my product on ti’ve done time. Product also came in great packaging and I am happy with the overall product I received

  17. Geovani G. (verified owner)

    Love my keg should have ordered it sooner, fast shipping and looks amazing every part was quality havent had an issue yet

  18. Jose Tamayo (verified owner)

    I love the keg!

  19. Sameer Rosales (verified owner)

    Great service

  20. Dmitriy (verified owner)

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