Aaron Fournier & Diana Fournier are repsected memebers of the groups. We are the understanding that Aaron in the hospital and it serious. Rick Mcintyre is working on making sure his company is being taken care of. Aaron is in the Detroit area.

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Aaron Fournier

Diana Fournier:

  Hey all. What we know is his medications had a bad reaction and caused seizures. They ended up putting him medically under. Hes been semi awake a couple times tonight. Praying for a much better day tomorrow and he wakes up. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.



Please Help

Anything that anyone can do to help please let me know. I will make sure that Aaron Fournier and his family get your help. They all as you can imagine have so much to deal with right now.


Update 12:00 pm 2/14/2018

Diana Fournier 

     Ok all a bit of a good update. He is awake today but keeps falling back asleep. They let me order him some food so hopefully I can get him awake enough to eat it. He would answer doctors questions and knew where he was but was confused with some of the answers and why he was here. He has no recollection of what happened. He had an EEG done. I was told it will be awhile before he can go home but no time frame. Obviously they now how to check for any damage and are watching for anymore seizures. We won't know eeg or mri results until tomorrow unfortunately. He was aware of the group and everyone in it when I was naming names and telling him what was going on. He said thank you but I honestly don't know if he was awake enough to comprehend. 

You all have been amazing and I cannot thank you enough. My hearts broken for him and I am praying things turn around fast. We appreciate every prayers and thanks